Why do some people seem to have more faith?

No matter what status a person may have, no one is perfect and no one totally walks by faith. Doubt, worry, overwhelming feelings, and sin are part of the human condition. All of us need to trust God as our source, security, and assurance.

In Faith: Believing in the God Who Works on Your Behalf, Pastor Yonggi Cho shares his experience of miracles and examples of how to understand and grow in faith. As a young man with only weeks to live, Pastor Cho was healed of a terminal illness, saw the resurrected Jesus, and quickly began telling people who had no hope that God would provide all they needed. Those few listeners grew to hundreds of thousands and became the world’s largest church.

This book will:

  • Provide principles for a strong daily walk
  • Teach readers how to depend on the Holy Spirit
  • Encourage readers to believe for and trust God’s supernatural power
  • Share the truth that God can use any believer to accomplish tremendous things for his kingdom
  • Offer the hope of restoration, forgiveness, and courage to begin again

With an understanding that all people doubt, Dr. Cho and Dr. Goodall explain how to grow in faith and live in a hope that chooses to believe in spite of our circumstance, occupation, family, finance, or a myriad of other concerns.


  • Dr. John Bueno
    "It has been my privilege to be a personal friend of both authors of Faith: Believing in the God Who Works on Your Behalf. I believe the times in which we live demand words from such great men of the period. Both Wayde Goodall and Yonggi Cho have excelled in their fields for many years. It is comforting to hear from people who have actually lived and experienced a life of faith. I highly recommend the reading of this vital work."
    Dr. John Bueno
    Former executive director of Assemblies of God World Missions; also founded Latin America Child Care
  • Dick Bernal
    "It is without equivocation that I recommend this book by Dr. Cho and Dr. Goodall to every believer. Whether you’re a new Christian to the faith or a life disciple of our Lord who has faced challenges that deplete the soul, this book, Faith: Believing in the God Who Works on Your Behalf, is for you. Faith is essential to every believer. Learning to develop faith, depend on the Holy Spirit, and practice what we learn is a lifetime achievement. I personally know no other man more than Dr. Cho who has the ability to impart faith through life lessons from his daily walk with Christ, through his personal stories of healing, and through successful achievements after overcoming tremendous odds. You will be inspired, gain practical insights, and witness your faith increase as you read the words from these pages. In the spring of 1986, Dr. Cho took me under his wing and since then has been my pastor, mentor, and dear friend. Since 1987, I have had the honor of ministering with him in India, Africa, and other locations. He has changed my life. This book will change yours."
    Dick Bernal
    Founder/pastor, Jubilee Christian Center, San Jose, California
  • Rev. Dr. Margaret Court
    "I have come to know Dr. Cho as a friend, and I respect him tremendously, not only for what he has done for the Body of Christ but also for his worldwide teaching on faith in God — the God who works on our behalf. It is so important to have dreams and goals to succeed in anything in life, whether in ministry or the workplace. This book by Dr. Cho and Dr. Wayde Goodall will give you greater understanding on how to bring heaven to earth in every situation. It will help you grow in your faith and not give up on the dreams and desires God gives you. May this book empower the Body of Christ."
    Rev. Dr. Margaret Court
    AO, MBE, senior pastor, Victory Life Centre, Perth, Western Australia
  • Phil Pringle
    "We have been privileged to live in a period of history that has celebrated the largest known Christian church in the history of Christendom. This church has not just held that reputation for a year or two but for many, many years. The leader of this astonishing miracle and fifty-plus-year revival is Dr Cho. What an amazing honor it is to have his life-story of faith, obedience, sacrifice, and enormously influential ministry in our hands. Like his life, this book will bring insight and impartation to so many millions of ministries, leaders, and Christians around the world. Thank you, Dr. Cho, for your incredibily inspiring life and for your generosity in sharing it in these pages."
    Phil Pringle
    C3 Church, Australia
  • Billy Kim
    "No one more than Reverend Dr. Cho has brought a phenomenal impact on the Body of Christ both in Korea and worldwide by proclaiming the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer in faith. I am thrilled to see how this marvelous book by the honorable Reverend Dr. Goodall and honorable Reverend Dr. Cho will touch many souls who are devoted to Jesus Christ."
    Billy Kim
    Chairman of Far East Broadcasting Company, Korea; former president of Baptist World Alliance
  • Rev. Dr. Prince Guneratnam
    "It has been my privilege to serve alongside Dr. Cho for more than forty years through our involvement in Church Growth International (CGI) and the Pentecostal World Fellowship (PWF). I have been personally impacted by his life of faith as he not only teaches and preaches but also lives by example. This book about his life of faith will certainly give hope for every challenging situation."
    Rev. Dr. Prince Guneratnam
    Senior pastor of Calvary Church, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; general superintendent emeritus of the Assemblies of God of Malaysia; chairman of the Pentecostal World Fellowship
  • Hal Donaldson
    "This book by Dr. Yonggi Cho and Dr. Wayde Goodall will inspire you to a deeper level of faith. After reading Faith: Believing in the God Who Works on Your Behalf, you will believe God for even greater things. The principles of faith and courage will help you conquer life’s challenges and experience a life of greater fulfillment. I recommend this book for anyone who desires a life of greater power and purpose."
    Hal Donaldson
    President, Convoy of Hope
  • Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills
    "Dr. Yonggi Cho has blessed the world with a godly ministry that has touched the lives of countless millions. For many decades, ministers of the gospel from every denomination have looked up to Yonggi Cho as the great icon and example of church growth. I have been privileged to receive from and to associate with God’s humble servant for many years. Through his church, his conferences, and his books and tapes, Yonggi Cho has been a true blessing to my life and to the lives of other pastors."
    Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills
    Healing Jesus Campaign, Accra, Ghana; founder and presiding Bishop of the Lighthouse Chapel International; graduate of the University of Ghana Medical School; Adelaide Heward-Mills conference speaker
  • Dr. Casey Treat
    "Dr. Wayde Goodall has put his faith, years of experience, and Bible insights into a wonderful message from the greatest church of the twentieth century. Working with Dr. Cho from Soul Korea, Wayde takes us on a miraculous journey of relationship with Jesus. The Yoido Full Gospel Church and its founding pastor have brought hope and faith to millions of people around the world. With close to one million members, it truly is a supernatural experience. The stories, prayers, and Bible revelations of Faith: Believing in the God Who Works on Your Behalf will inspire and empower you to a great-er walk with God. The real testimonies of Dr. Cho are expressed in a relevant and life-changing way through Wayde’s perspectives. If you want to grow in your closeness to God and in your faith in Him, you’ll love this book. Get ready for an exciting journey of faith!"
    Dr. Casey Treat
    Pastor, Christian Faith Center, Seattle, WA
  • Russ Tourney
    "Since 1982, I have had numerous occasions to be with Dr. Cho and Yoido Full Gospel Church. The presence of the Lord has always been significant, and Dr. Cho has continued to be a friend, a great Christian leader, and an obedient servant of the Lord. His ministry has impacted the church worldwide with many Christian leaders finding their own faith increasing through the encouragement and inspiration of this special servant of God. Dr. Wayde Goodall has written an excellent book providing new insights about a pastor and world leader who has helped shape the church in the last half of the twentieth century and first decade of this one. May these stories of faith encourage others to trust God and take steps of obedience in their own spiritual walk as Dr. David Yonggi Cho has done for over six decades."
    Russ Tourney
    Regional director, Asia Pacific Assemblies of God World Missions
  • Dr. Tom Phillips
    "In the last hundred years of the global Christian church, no one has more visibly shown how abundant faith and obedient vision can empower a leader to transition with his people from an impoverished situation to tremendous success spiritually as Yonggi Cho. This book, in which Dr. Cho and Dr. Wayde Goodall share their tested faith encounters and pilgrimage as they have trusted God for results, is most amazing and inspiring. The biblical principles gleaned from the application of promises from God’s Word are contagious, encouraging the reader to step out in faith and believe God. I wholeheartedly recommend Faith for those who want to be used radically to further Jesus’ kingdom."
    Dr. Tom Phillips
    Vice president, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
  • Dr. George Wood
    "Bestselling authors Dr. Yonggi Cho and Dr. Wayde Goodall discuss how to have believing faith while encouraging us to have more faith and challenging us to believe and trust God for His leading in our lives. The amazing stories of Dr. Cho’s life and the miraculous growth of the Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea, are thrilling. Faith: Believing in the God Who Works on Your Behalf offers sound biblical principles and personal stories that will certainly bring hope and inspiration to believers and skeptics alike. I encourage you to pick up your copy today!"
    Dr. George Wood
    General superintendent of the Assemblies of God; chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship

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About the Authors

Yonggi Cho founded Yoido Full Gospel Church in May of 1958 with five members. It has since grown into the largest church in the world with approximately 750,000 members. Dr. Cho convincingly teaches principles in dynamic faith in Jesus Christ, fourth dimension spirituality, dependence on the Holy Spirit, and through those teachings brings hope in all of life’s challenges.


Wayde Goodall is passionate to help Christians grow in their faith while understanding life disciplines and principles that encourage life balance and dynamic spiritual growth. Trained as a pastor, counselor, life coach, and educator, he has a unique 40- year background in leadership, counseling, consulting, coaching, strategic planning and development, and practical theology